Fraud Prevention


This innovative and enjoyable eLearning module provides a practical overview of the key steps required to prevent and detect fraud.

It outlines the legal definition of fraud (as set out in the UK Fraud Act 2006) and examines the typical motivations behind the crime. It then uses immersive case studies to explore specific fraud risks – including identity theft, cybercrime and internal fraud – offering practical guidance and advice on how to stay safe.

The module concludes by outlining how employees fit into the control environment that every business should have to prevent, detect and respond to fraudulent activity.

To successfully complete the module, learners must pass a short assessment.

Both Global and UK specific versions of this eLearning module are available.

Course Details

This eLearning course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding the problem - myths and realities in relation to fraud
  • Understanding the law - the offences in the UK Fraud Act 2006 and their associated penalties
  • Who commits fraud and why - how does the fraud triangle help explain the motivations behind fraud?
  • Key fraud risks - case studies highlight the key risks in relation to identity theft/fraud, cybercrime, customer/supplier fraud and internal fraud
  • Preventing and detecting fraud - explores the systems and controls that have been put in place to prevent, detect and respond to fraud

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