Your Staff - the essential compliance control

Compliance failures are rarely a system or procedural failure on their own. The common factor in all compliance breaches are staff. Staff are involved in nearly all breaches either through ignorance, carelessness or wilfully.

Staff Conduct

Staff behaviour is governed by three things:

  • The overall behaviour of senior management;
  • Remuneration that does not support and reinforce compliant behaviour; and
  • Staff knowledge, skills and understanding.

Training as a key control

The most important input to staff knowledge, skills and understanding is training.

Training that enhances a compliant culture focuses on growing and reinforcing the right behaviours. Training that focuses purely on awareness or knowledge alone will not be enough to protect a firm.

Our framework focuses strongly on behavioural outcomes which we measure and assess. 

Regulatory expectations

Regulators increasingly are expecting to see the following in a regulated firm:

  • A training strategy that defines a frame work for success
  • Training governance
  • Compliance risk assessment of all staff roles
  • A set of risk-based, role focused curricula for the whole firm
  • A learning academy focused specifically on compliance staff
  • A full programme to implement the curricula
  • Effective learning design principles that focus on behavioural outcomes
  • Operational controls that ensure the application of risk based training across the firm
  • Measurement that demonstrates the effectiveness of training including its impact in the work place
  • A system to enhance and develop training programmes. 

How CCL Academy can help?

We have a compliance learning framework model that has been tried and tested many times. It successfully delivers a compliance learning programme that clearly and demonstrably meets the needs and expectations of regulators. The framework focuses on establishing a risk-based curriculum that will develop, enhance and measure the right behaviours from staff in the work place.

Our framework has been successfully implemented in firms under close regulatory scrutiny, including regulator appointed monitors.

The framework is highly scalable, working as well for large firms as it does for smaller firms. It is modular and can be used in whole or in part.

Compliance Learning Framework

 Due to the approach of the Compliance Learning Framework, staff spend less time training than in many other less well structured approaches. We focus on the real needs of staff based on their roles and on the areas of highest compliance risk.